Classes and Coaching


I help small to medium sized enterprise’s (SME’s) to identify and utilise organisationally-appropriate, web-based software.

Then I coach teams to master the tools, while also attending to the human-to-human interface.

These are a sampling of the classes I’ve offered

Google Drive and Docs
Google Hangouts
Manage your website
Tame the Facebook beast

What people have said


Dear friends, I wish you’d been there so we could learn together and thereby use this collaborative tool with each other. I’ll recommend you do so, particularly with James. He’s a natural at these online (free) products and is using them in his own collaborative projects.

That was the best part for me, being able to see the google docs interface in action (not just hypothetical).

Google Docs • 2 hours


Thanks James for some great training! Until now I have been learning-on-the-job which has only increased my work hours and my scowl! But James’ patient presentation style has enabled me to me get my head around Google Docs and to understand its potential collaborative power. Thanks very much, well worth the time!

Google Docs via Google Hangout • 1 hour

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